Formation of Cellulite
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LIPOKONTUR™ – Cumulative Clinical Effects:




Mechanical, Biochemical and Thermal Lipolysis Effect

Secondary Effect

Additional Effect

Mid-Term Effect

(8-10 weeks)

Long-Term Outcomes

(10 weeks and on)

1st Step


Aut. Program: Cellulite

Shocksmechanically breaking down the fat cells’ structure, increasing the permeability of the cell membranes

Shocks loosening and weakening the stiffen septae (connective tissues) holding the fat chambers Shocks increasing blood and lymph circulation in the area

Buildup of new collagen

Tightening of the skin

Enhancement of micro-


Build-up of neo- vascularization

Regeneration of new blood vessels

Rejuvenation of the tissues

Improvement of  skin texture

Healthier skin (local increase  of skin  microcirculation)

Rejuvenation, reduction of  dimpled skin

Enhancement  of the metabolic system

A fresher-looking skin

Long-term reduction of fatty tissues and edema

2nd Step


Aut. Program: Cellulite

RF thermally heating the weakened fat cells to 62°C degree at the deep fat layer, leading to “liquefied” fat, while kept at 42°C at the level of skin surface. Progressive drainage of lipids   to be  metabolically  degraded and eliminated Hyperthermia  enhancing both blood and lymphatic  circulation in the treated site

3rd Step


Expert Program: Lymphatic Drainage

Gradually intensive shocks thoroughly draining the lipids into the Lymphatic System Removing excess fluids and debris both into the vascular  and Lymphatic system. Intense massaging increasing blood and lymph circulation



The LIPOKONTUR™ technology deeply targets all of the causes of cellulite at once during every treatment session!




  • Altogether, the LIPOKONTUR™ formula targets all of the causes of cellulite at once during every treatment session!


  • The overall effect of a combined treatment using the combined LIPOKONTUR™ platform is as comprehensive and versatile as the following: –
    • weakening of the collagen fibers structures that stiffen, pulling down on their points of attachment in the fat clusters
    • removal of water and waste products due to lymphatic drainage
    • mechanical, biochemical and thermal lipolysis
    • buildup of new collagen, tightening of the skin
    • increase in microcirculation and helps building new vascularization
    • improvement in the skin texture
    • Long-term reduction in the accumulation of fatty tissue (lipedema)


  • The LIPOKONTUR formula = uniquely offers the complementary synergy between:
      • thermally heating and mechanically breaking down the fat cells and then intensely draining them into the bloodstream
      • acoustically loosening and weakening the stiffen fibrous structures holding the fat chambers to smooth out the dimples and improve the orange-peel look of cellulite
      • increasing blood and lymph circulation by both the strong shocks and the high heat, actually creating new blood vessels and rejuvenating the tissues for the long term.


  • As a result, the skin itself looks more healthy (increase in skin microcirculation) rejuvenated and less dimpled, the metabolic system is energized, altogether leading to a fresher-looking skin



The LIPOKONTUR body treatments are not just limited to cellulite, but are also effective for wound healing, skin smoothing, scar reduction, and stretch mark reduction.

Post Liposuction (as an example):

  1. RSWT – Loosening the septae helps smoothing out the skin surface, improving the “orange peel” appearance after further reduction of the volume.
  2. RF –Radio Frequency energy will help evening up the treated tissues, re-sculpting, building new collagen, improving circulation and further stretching the skin, as discussed below.
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